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About Candle

The pandemic of misinformation and the erosion of trust in authority is leading to a post-trust world. Without knowing what information we can trust, we're coming to trust nothing. Erosion of trust is not just a problem of the decline of media and the rise of "fake news". It is an anxiety-provoking problem that individuals feel in their daily lives.

Candle Beta is the starting point for credible, trustworthy information. Candle is a search engine that empowers users with the tools to make sense of the information they are offered. We show what sources are credible, biased, have an agenda, or are downright dangerous. Instead of censoring or deciding for the user, we equip them with the insight they need to decide for themselves.

While public trust has eroded in media, government, and big business, the public still trusts science and scientists[1] at the same levels as a decade ago. Candle's insights are based on the work of social scientists and topic experts, whose expertise we will scale up with artificial intelligence evaluation models.

Candle Beta is a search engine built on Bing Search API and NewsAPI for realtime news results. Candle offers content quality evaluations for news, political discussion, health and medical information, and soon personal finance, and popular discussions of scientific topics such as climate science, technology, and computer science.

Candle's insights are accessible by using the search engine directly, or by using our browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and upcoming mobile reader apps.

The team behind Candle have experience from hypergrowth at Google, modeling and analysis of language, and building meaningful consumer products.

[1] Pew Research Center: Public confidence in scientists has remained stable for decades. Accessed Oct 16 2020.

The Team

Mikko Jarvenpaa (CEO) started his career in tech at Google, where he was a product marketing manager. More recently he was CEO for Infogram (acquired in 2017).

Josh Berson (chief scientist) is a cognitive anthropologist with two decades’ research experience. He has held appointments, inter alia, at the Berggruen Institute, the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

Pete Petrash (chief product) is a designer and a software engineer. He has built digital consumer products for over a decade, most recently at Virta Health.